Blink: Running Your First App

This guide will help you get the blink app running on top of Tock kernel.


  1. Erase any existing applications. First, we need to remove any applications already on the board. Note that Tockloader by default will install any application in addition to whatever is already installed on the board.

    $ tockloader erase-apps
  2. Install Blink. Tock supports an "app store" of sorts. That is, tockloader can install apps from a remote repository, including Blink. To do this:

    $ tockloader install blink

    You will have to tell Tockloader that you are OK with fetching the app from the Internet.

    Your specific board may require additional arguments, please see the readme in the boards/ folder for more details.

  3. Compile and Install Blink. We can also compile the blink app and load our compiled version. The basic C version of blink is located in the libtock-c repository.

    1. Clone that repository:

      $ cd tock-book
      $ git clone
    2. Then navigate to examples/blink:

      $ cd libtock-c/examples/blink
    3. From there, you should be able to compile it and install it by:

      $ make
      $ tockloader install

    When the blink app is installed you should see the LEDs on the board blinking. Congratulations! You have just programmed your first Tock application.