Code Review

Kernel Code Review

Changes to the Tock OS kernel (in the kernel/ directory of the repository) are reviewed by the Tock core working group. However, not all ports of Tock (which include chip crates, board crates, and hardware-specific capsules) are maintained by the Tock core working group.

The Tock repository must document which working group (if any) is responsible for each hardware-specific crate or capsule.

Third-Party Dependencies

Tock OS repositories permit third party dependencies for critical components that are impractical to author directly. Each repository containing embedded code (including tock, libtock-c, and libtock-rs) must have a written policy documenting:

  1. All unaudited required dependencies. For example, Tock depends on Rust's libcore, and does not audit libcore's source.

  2. How to avoid pulling in unaudited optional dependencies.

A dependency may be audited by vendoring it into the repository and putting it through code review. This policy does not currently apply to host-side tools, such as elf2tab and tockloader, but may be extended in the future.